Suits and Shirts

Holsey Custom Clothes offers benefits to clients in clothing not found in retail stores. Regarding fit, we take several dozen measurements to create a personal pattern. Our clients find that having a suit that is made to their personal measurements wears longer and is more comfortable than a suit that is made to fit several other body types.

Selection is key to distinguishing a custom suit from other suits. Clients can choose from several hundred fabrics including some of the finest woolens from England, Italy, and other countries. Most of these fabrics are not available in retail stores. Even those who can wear a suit off the rack, prefer custom in order to choose details such as lapel width and shape, lining type and color, pocket and vent treatment, pants pleating, and overall suit style.

Probably one of the most important aspects at Holsey Custom Clothes is the benefit of personal service. A file is kept that includes measurements, history of the fabrics chosen in the past, and possible future selections. We work closely with clients to coordinate wardrobe needs whether for business or social occasions, and seek to provide service to novice as well as seasoned buyers. Usually delivery time is four to six weeks based on seasonal demands and the fabric availability.

In today’s hectic environment, individuals create ways to use their time wisely. Once we have measurements and a history of buying patterns, we can anticipate clothing needs. Shopping time is shortened by having fabrics available and time set aside for deciding on choices. We excel in working with as little or as much time as a person needs to select clothing.

Custom Shirts

Custom shirts are offered in 100% cotton fabrics with a wide array of colors and patterns. Shirt details are chosen to finish the overall appearance creating the look of perfect balance of style and color. Shirts should be designed to complement facial features and color. The optimal choices in shirt color and collar style make a person’s face the desired focal point of attention.

The cost of a custom shirt is primarily based on the fabric chosen. We educate our clients on care of their shirts whether the shirts are commercially laundered or cared for in the home in order to extend their life. A minimum order of shirts is normally four.

Custom shirts are made to measurements taken on the day the shirts are selected. Cuffs can be standard button cuffs or French cuff style. The tail of the shirt is standard or shorter for those who desire less shirt below the waistband. Collars can be button-down or plain. General shirt styles are business, casual, or even western.

The true appreciation of custom shirts is only possible through wearing them. Our clients return year after year in order to update their shirt wardrobes often buying similar fabrics and styles purchased previously.